About Us

CH is a graphic design studio based in Varna, Bulgaria

Since its founding in 2009, we have the opportunity to partner with clients in various industries. With independent professional experience of more than 20 years we had the confidence to communicate to different audiences and channels with a thorough understanding and expertise.

As we pursuit and value the long-term positions with our clients, we love to see when our design language and approach is recognised as important part of communication. No matter the scale of each project we’re guided by the simple desire to achieve the best results on the defined target, and off course to shape it with the best possible visual package.

The studio collaborates with writers, illustrators, developers, photographers, filmmakers and etc. depending of the specific project. We’re also open to a partnership with mind-alike studios, advertising agencies, publishers and in-house teams.

Contact us if we’re heading the same direction!


— Stoycho Chakarov, Art director and Co-founder